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Matriarchs of Change (MOCfor)TM is an association of Divinely Feminine elders embodying the essence of all goddesses. Empowered by their ability to ground the natural forces that bring masculine and feminine energy into balance, they create and sustain life. More women must lead if we are to overcome life's new challenges. The MOCfor motherhood provides spiritual guidance to practical solutions equally for all people. Our private membership association presides over community wealth development projects with kindness, consideration, and strategic planning for individuals, families, businesses, and state affairs.

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A Prophecy Foretold

Unbeknownst to David Icke and Max Igan, they're telling prophecy. Their suggestions for a best-case scenario to provide the changes needed to save Earth and her people are the best descriptions yet to explain The purpose of the Matriarchs of Change and MOCfor Global's objectives. I left a message in the comment section of the video but have yet to receive a response. 

Allaya Ephaesia of Orion, Head Matriarch