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MOCfor's Global Pandemic Economic Recovery System (GPERS) is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to provide reliable income for people in crisis until achieving financial stability. Then continues serving as a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for as long as participants remain active within the system. This business model was originally designed to end poverty as a means of strengthening the global economy. In response to the pandemic created by SARS COVID2, the system has been modified to sustain all households until a financial crisis no longer exists.

Our Problem

Most governments today do not appear to be making decisions in the best interests of the people they were elected to govern. As this issue is unlikely to resolve itself soon, it seems the best course of action may be to take responsibility for ourselves. We encourage leadership, and by working together, can overcome any effort to restrict liberties, justice, peace, and prosperity.

Our Solution

Classify everyone qualifying for social service and federal assistance as independent contractors, distributors, educators and practitioners, freelance professionals, or other small business owners. Encourage men, women, and working-age children to register their professional service, skilled labor, art, or talent as a trade, then assign business teams to coordinate the contracting and outsourcing of the trades(s) registered. GPERS is an international network of private member associations and most income earned is received via cryptocurrency. GPERS does not require government funding to be successful. Created for the people, by the people it is full-proof, fail-safe, and may be the only system in existence capable of achieving Income Equality.

People Helping People Help Themselves

Please Become a member of our private association, allowing us to place you on several cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms. Priority One is to assist you in raising enough funds to support the immediate needs of you and your family. Priority Two: register your God-given gifts of commerce, skills, art, performance, product, or service as a trade we can support you in monetizing to sustain an income. Next is to recover your losses, contract out your skills and labor to help rebuild our economy, communities, and legacy for our children.

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