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Membership is for Everyone!

MOCfor Global is a private member association (PMA) and leading provider of "Total Life Make-Over Plans™." Membership registration involves completing needs assessments for individuals and families to adequately customize Members' Service Packages (MSPs).

MOCfor PMA is a staging point for existing and future small business owners needing to transition from social service or employment dependency to self-sufficient, financial independence.

Members' Service Packages include but are not limited to developing new or registering existing business trades, funding to help advance members to higher ranks, subsidized hiring for desired income, business services, legal services, and accounting, excellent healthcare, whole-life insurance, private transportation allotment, including airfare for the entire family, scholarships for grade schools and undergrads, and a selection of vacation packages.


Needs Assessment

Includes but is not limited to assessing the ability of individuals and families to sustain their health, wealth, and necessary levels of education. Listing interests and skills that can be monetized and registered as trade(s) and introducing personal development, community action, and business support teams to ensure whole-life recovery.

Spiritual Development

What is your purpose in life? We believe the answer is stored in every person's  DNA as information. First, we determine how much you know about why you are here, then create a plan and commit the resources to help you achieve your life's goals. One-on-one sessions, Life Skills 101, Relationship, and Spiritual Development Classes are available weekly.

Health & Wellness

Naturopaths and plant-based supplements. We emphasize a holistic approach to healthcare and invite healers of all modalities to join our network. Shamans, bush doctors, and chiropractors are welcome as reiki masters, doulas, masseuses, and therapists. Hypnotherapy, an hour on a bio-bed, and prayer can heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Trade Registration

You may register a product or service, study or professional practice, skilled labor, art or performance, gig work, consulting, or blog. Everyone is born with at least one talent that can be monetized and registered as a trade, causing every household to function as a Private Membership Association (PMA) and homeschool a Private Education Association (PEA). 

Strategic Planning

All business support teams are think tanks consisting of business developers, financiers, ad and marketing strategists, specialists in your field of interest, and a spiritual advisor to ensure an energetic balance of lifestyle and work. You are marketable and, once packaged, can be contracted out at top dollar for your products and services. MOCfor's UBI ensures your base rate of income.

Administrative Support

Our administrative support staff is abundant as MOCfor only staff from within the association. We each have a vested interest in the well-being of our community to assist in coordinating efforts between members and business support teams, providing legal and tax referrals, assisting with document preparation, and providing family support. Click here for more about staff positions. 

Future Entrepreneurs

All services are available to junior members ranging from 3 to 17 years of age. This program educates youths on what it means to be effective participants in productive communities, economic development, conflict resolution, spiritual freedom, natural law, and future preservation for many generations to come.

Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding

MOCfor will not request payment for member services without first providing the means for members to afford those services. One of our niches is matrix management. We strategic-ally place hundreds of thousands of members onto decentralized, automated smart contract crowdfunding platforms. Funding is equal to participation, and payouts are direct to you.

Free Registration

Registration is free for everyone. Levels of participation determine positions within the association. Everyone enters as a registered participant, and if so desired, advances to contributing member. As a member of a PMA, you will no longer be subject to the dictates of state and federal laws. We invoke our inalienable rights as free people

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